• Tubes for a Orchard mason bee house for sale

    50 Cardboard Tubes & Paper Liners

    The replaceable 0.010 thick white inner liner will reduce mite and fungal infestations in the cardboard guard tubes. The guard tubes are reusable but used liners should be replaced every year. A clean and healthy colony is the goal.

    There are 2 types of cardboard tubes available. For dry climates the regular tubes are...

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Prices invoiced in Canadian dollars, USA customers will be charged approximately 25% less in US dollars, this is due to the strong US dollar exchange rate. 

Orchard Mason bees are the answer for poor pollination affecting your fruit trees and other food crops  that blossom in the spring.

You can easily increase your crop yields by increasing your Orchard mason bee population

Provide clean housing and you can significantly increase your Orchard mason bee population annually. In time you will have an abundance of Mason bees working for you.

What makes these bees such excellent pollinators is how they work the blossom. They deliberately land directly on the pollen bearing stamen because their primary interest is the pollen they gather as food for the next generation.

Most home orchards and gardens can be well pollinated with as little as 50 Orchard mason bees. Each female  can visit up to 2,000 blossoms a day. One acre of a commercial apple orchard can be pollinated with approximately 250 female Orchard mason bees.

Raising Mason bees as pollinators was sort of a grass roots thing but is now becoming more mainstream as companies are starting to use large numbers of Mason bees for commercial orchard pollination. Lately newspapers and magazines have been publishing more articles raising awareness. As the value of Mason bees as pollinators is being realized their popularity is rapidly on the rise.

Order your nesting materials today, good pollination means good crops.

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